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Yakup Hazan was awarded his degree in architectural studies from Gazi University and subsequently went on to obtain his Master’s Degree in Restoration from Middle East Technical University’s Department of Restoration. Yakup has a range of professional design experience which contributes to his enduring achievements on the work he assumes. Throughout his career, he has been awarded with more than 50 prizes and honorable mention prizes in architectural project competitions, including 10 first prizes. Yakup is an active participant in the Turkish architectural community and has acted as a juror in many professional architectural project contests. He has also served as an academician in the faculties of architecture in many Turkish universities and additionally participated as an invited juror in the critique of various academic student work. Yakup has contributed to several conferences in which he spoke of his work and topics relevant to the architectural community. Currently, he continues to share his expertise with students as an academician at the Faculty of Architecture in Gazi University.

His main built projects include transportation and culture structures, office and residential buildings, military structures, and touristic facilities. Yakup has additionally worked on and realized survey and restoration projects.



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After completing his bachelor’s degree in architecture from Karadeniz Technical University, Tolga Hazan obtained an additional degree in architecture from the Architectural Association of London, UK. While studying at the Architectural Association, Tolga developed a deeper understanding of experimental design strategies and research based design theories which helped shape his current design perspective. Furthermore, during his time in London, he collaborated with other professionals on mainly conceptual competition projects.

Throughout his career, he has been awarded with architectural competition prizes. In 2014, he became a partner of Hazan Architecture. Additionally, Tolga currently operates an academic design studio in the Department of Architecture at TOBB Economy and Technology University. He has participated in the critique of academic work as an invited juror in both domestic and international universities. Tolga has also taken part in conferences in which he contributed to discussions on current architectural issues within the built environment.