Established in Ankara in 1983, Hazan Architecture has become one of Turkey’s leading architectural and design firms. From its inception, our firm has considered project competitions to be an important platform in the formation of our contemporary design style. When formulating our design conceptions, we strive to take the cultural and natural settings into account and thus integrate our projects in an appropriate manner within the scope of these criteria. Throughout the years, our firm has been awarded with over 40 prizes and honorable mention prizes from architectural project competitions, including 10 first prizes.

Hazan Architecture specializes in a variety of services including conceptual projects, construction projects, project management, project supervision, consultancy, surveying, restoration, and restitution. Our key built projects span a variety of areas such as airports, bus terminals, public and cultural structures, touristic holiday resort, offices and private residential structures, as well as protection and restoration projects. In addition, we conduct diverse architectural research studies in both academic and professional platforms.